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Hey I’m Sachin Raj, a Freelance Digital Marketing Strategist in Calicut, Kerala. I can assist entrepreneurs and brands to increase their digital presenceIf your marketing plans are not working, as a freelance digital marketing strategist in Calicut I can assist you to increase your website traffic and your leads with the help of the best internet marketing strategies like SEO, SEM, SMM, Content Marketing, Web designing, and Email marketing.

I’m a graduate with a bachelor of technology and now working as a certified freelance digital marketing strategist in Calicut. I  believe I can scale up your business with digital marketing techniques and strategies. We can work together and can create more business opportunities together.

Digital Marketing Strategist freelancer


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an online marketing platform that helps with branding and promotions for organizations. It helps to increase your brand value and expands your reach worldwide. It helps to increase the leads and bring sales. We use marketing strategies like SEO, SMM, Email marketing, and Content marketing and so on helps to increase the reach of the brand.

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freelance online marketing specialist in calicut

Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

Online marketing is growing up rapidly in our society. So in addition to traditional advertising, every company invests in digital advertising and branding. A Freelance Digital Marketing consultant is one who is planning, develops, executing campaigns and digital marketing strategies. If you need to scale up your company, you have to take advantage of the most valuable techniques and strategies. Here a strategist can help you and you can achieve your specific goals.

Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategy is the process of identifying the company’s main objectives and then actualizing these objectives through digital marketing campaigns. it assists businesses to take over their competitors in the same market and it suggests ideas to increase creativity and innovation in product design, development, and promotion.

digital marketing strategy by freelance digital marketing strategist

Why Should You Hire a
Freelance Digital Marketer


Digital marketers will assist you to make a website that helps you to reach new markets and trade worldwide for less investment. 

global reach increases with the help of freelance internet marketing strategist


With the help of a freelance digital marketer, you can extract your data to find which type of audience has worked best for your business. 

targeting specific audience is easy with the help of digital marketing strategist


A freelance internet marketing consultant helps you to develop engaging campaigns using content marketing strategies. It attracts new audiences to your business.

a freelance digital marketing strategist increases engagement by creating campaigns


Internet advertising is a cost-effective form of marketing. An accurately designed and targeted campaign can reach the exact customers at a much lesser cost compared to other form of marketing methods.

freelance digital marketing strategist is cost-effective compared to traditional marketer


With a lot of analytical tools to choose from, A Digital marketer will assist you to monitor the performance of your website by allowing you to see the impression rate, number of visitors, number of clicks, conversion rate, etc.

freelance digital marketing strategist helps to monitor website traffic with Analytics tool



freelannce digital marketing consultant in calicut detailing about search engine optimization


Search engine optimization(SEO) is the process of improving the quality of your website to increase its organic visibility when people search for products or services related to your business in search engines like Google.

digital marketing strategist in calicut detailing about social media marketing


Social media marketing (SMM) is use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote a product or service of your business. when you need an immediate boost to your website social media marketing is the best option.

freelance digital marketing strategist in calicut detailing about web designing

Web Development

A well-designed website can be used to easily interact with it with its audience. I can accompany you to create a user-friendly website that is relevant to your business.

freelance digital marketing and contet-marketing specialist in calicut

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a targeted audience by producing and sharing videos, podcasts, blogs, and other media.

freelance digital marketing strategist in calicut detailing about search engine marketing


While SEO takes a long time for growth you need an immediate boost.SEM helps you to get an instant boost to your website through paid advertising.

freelance digital marketing strategist in calicut detailing about Email marketing

Email Marketing

The easiest strategy to promote your business is Email Marketing. We use emails to send ads, increase purchases, and be in touch with customers.

FAQ'S About Digital Marketing

Digital marketers job is to drive brand awarness & lead generation through digital channels,they implement effective strategies for brands.If you are new to digital marketing you should consider an experienced internet marketing consultant.

Definitely, Nowadays Digital marketing is must for building a successful  business.Whether it is developing your brand or increasing sales, there are no limit to it.It increases your visibilty & leads within affordable cost.

SEM is highly expensive than SEO, but you can see results in  time. It’s important to compare the costs and benefits of each approach before deciding which suits your business. SEO and SEM  both are good marketing strategies, but they are best for different businesses.

Keywords are words or phrases that users regularly search in search engines like google, to get relevent content to their doubts, These keywords needs to strategically inserted into your website to get visible to users,

Most of all you should focus on the social media that have more active users. Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram are in the top 3 in case of active users. Then you should find out where your targeted audience spend more time, what content they prefer, how does social medias influence them as a customer.

Online Marketing is growing fast compared to other industries in the current scenario. It is used to find out online trends and attract new audiences, increase leads, and digital presence. It will assist you to find a targeted audience and also help you to make the best in the business.

faq by audience about digital marketing and freelance digital marketer.


Are you looking to scale up your business? Feel free to connect with a freelance internet marketing consultant in calicut.